Las Ramblas Golf

The golf course Las Ramblas was the second Golf Course on property of the QUARA Group, and was inaugurated in the 1990. This golf course is a work of Pepe Gancedo, famous and prestigious golf courses designer, who stamps always on all his designs his imaginative and innovative character, which has been worth a great recognition in the sector, so much on the national level like international.

Las Ramblas is an outstanding golf course in a dramatic, contrasting landscape. Las Ramblas means 'The Dry Ravines' and most tee shots are over or alongside a ravine so make sure you have plenty of balls. This is a challenging golf course even for the low handicap golfer and the greens are fast. There are many blind tees, and one hole in particular is a great par 5 risk-reward hole and some par 4´s are short and drivable if you are accurate. Buggies are recommended for this hilly golf course.

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