Terms & Conditions

General Conditions


These Terms and Conditions form a Contract between Gray Golf Travel (the ‘Company’) and the person/s making the booking (the ‘Client’), who together will be referred to, for the purposes of these terms and conditions, as the ‘Parties’.


It is important that the Client read and understand these conditions and are fully aware of what the Company are providing under the Contract.  If the Client has any queries regarding these conditions please email sales@graygolftravel.com. The confirmation of a booking with the Company by the Client will mean that these Terms and Conditions have been agreed and accepted by Client. 


When the Client makes a golf break booking with the Company its contract is with Gray Golf Travel, company number 522400, with its registered office address and place of business at 9 East Park Road, Kintore, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK, trading as Gray Golf Travel. The Client’s contract is subject to the following terms and conditions. These are binding on both Parties and must be agreed to by the Client prior to execution of the golf break booking. 


Although all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information (including prices), website images (www.graygolftravel.com) and in any and all communications between the Company and the Client, changes and errors occasionally occur. The Conmpany will therefore confirm the details of the Client’s chosen package (including any alterations) at the time of booking.


The Company has taken all care to ensure published information and prices are accurate however if an error or omission is identified following publication, the Company will inform the Client before confirming the relevant booking. The revised information will then form part of the Contract between the Parties. If an error or omission is discovered after the booking is made, the Company will always try to advise the Client prior to the holiday.


Terms of Payment


To secure a booking with the Company a deposit of 20% per person is required. Deposits are non-refundable in the event of cancellation or reduction in group numbers.

Full payment of the balance of the golf break must be made not less than 8 weeks prior to date of departure. For bookings made less than 6 weeks prior to date of arrival, payment is due in full when booking. If full payment is not made by the due date, the Company reserves the right to cancel the booking and retain all deposits.


Cancellation or amendments to party numbers must be notified in writing (email), and will result in loss of deposit if made more than 8 weeks prior to date of arrival. Cancellations or amendments made after full payment has been received will result in loss of all monies paid.


The Company do not offer any form of insurance cover for the Client’s holiday and strongly recommend that it takes out its own insurance in case of forced cancellation, loss or damage to equipment and personal injury or illness, none of which the Company can be held responsible for.


Payments can be made using cheque, Paypal or BACS transfer.


A £25 admin fee will applied on each booking to cover costs of bank payments.


Booking Arrangements


Booking of travel arrangements and payment thereof shall be considered proof that the Client has read the Company’s booking terms and conditions and have accepted them without reservation as constituting the entire agreement between yourself (the Client) and the Company (Gray Golf Travel); the Parties.   


The Company does not own nor operate the hotels, golf courses, transfer or vehicle hire companies (herein called "suppliers") whose services you may receive on your holiday. All holiday components sold by the Company are provided by reputable suppliers, which operate in accordance with the standards set down by their own local authorities. Bookings therefore are subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of such suppliers, some of which exclude or limit liability in respect of death, injury, delay, loss or damage to your person and/or effects. The Company recommends that all passengers take out adequate travel insurance cover valid for the entire duration of the holiday.


Changes in Price and Itineraries


Prices quoted on the website are in Euros (except where noted otherwise), are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Should there be any increase in the cost to the Company, caused by currency exchange rate fluctuations, Government action etc, the Company will only absorb 2% change. The Client will be required to meet any increase between 2% and 10%. If the Company has to increase the price of the golf break by more than 10%, the Company will have the option of continuing with the holiday arrangements and meeting the extra costs (above 3%) or of cancelling with a credit note of any money paid to the Company, except any charges incurred by the Company for amendments. If the Client decides to cancel the golf break, it must do so, in writing (email), within seven working days of the issue of the revised Confirmation of Booking Invoice.


Charges payable for general booking amendments


If the Client wishes to make changes to the booking the Company will do their best to assist. The cost of making changes to the booking may vary depending on the nature of the change. For changes of a relatively minor nature i.e. change of hotel within the same destination, golf course or tee time the following charges will apply per person for each change made:


More than 30 days prior to departure       = £15

30 days or less prior to departure              = £30 *

*Changes to golf 30 days or less prior to departure will incur the full loss of the green fee.


Where the price varies depending on the number of persons booked and the Client wish to change the number of persons booked, the price will be recharged on the basis of the new party size as shown in the price given.


A separate Cancellation Charge will be levied in respect of bookings cancelled. A new invoice will be issued as appropriate, on which the Cancellation Charges will be shown.




Certain accommodations may require a deposit to be lodged locally and will be returned at the end of the stay providing no breakages occur.


Travel Documents


All relevant travel documentation will be dispatched 10-14 days prior to departure. If Client’s booking is made within 14 days of departure all relevant documentation will be dispatched immediately upon receipt of full payment. If there is not enough time to post the documents, all relevant documentation will be sent by email.


Cancellation Policy


For a booking to be cancelled in full or part, the Company must receive written instruction from the lead passenger of Client party, either by letter to the Company’s place of business address or by email to sales@graygolftravel.com


Cancellations after the deposit has been paid to the Company will result in loss of all deposit monies paid and the following cancellation charge that must be paid in full to the Company within 30 working days of date of cancellation:


More than 70 days - Loss of deposit + any prepaid accommodation if higher

37-70 days - 50% or 50% + any prepaid accommodation if higher

15-36 days    70% or 70% + any prepaid accommodation if higher

0-14 days       100% cancellation fee




No refund is available for cancellations after the golf break has commenced or in respect of any tours, accommodation, or any other services not utilised. Please note that employees of any supplier are not authorised by the Company to make any undertakings to a client in respect of refunds or other matters.






Holiday Variations


If unforeseen circumstances beyond the Company’s control require it to make necessary changes to the Client’s golf break booking, it reserves the right to cancel or reschedule accommodation and/or itineraries. Where it is necessary to change a hotel the Company reserves the right to substitute accommodation of at least a similar standard.


Force Majeure


The Company will not pay compensation if it has to cancel or change the Client’s golf break in any way because of war, riot, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances that may amount to force majeure.


Green Fees / Tee Times


When making the Client’s booking the Company will ask the Client for its requested days of play, courses and preferred tee time. The following will be the procedure:


*           Once all the clubs have responded with Client’s tee time, the Company will send the Client a confirmation invoice, detailing the golf holiday package and showing the relevant tee times.

*           Once Client has confirmed this, the Company reserve the right to charge an amendment fee for any changes requested after this date.

*           Cancellation of tee times may incur cancellation charges up to the value of the prepaid green fee, subject to the cancellation policy of the course involved.

*           If the Golf Clubs in question subsequently change the Clients tee time for a Club competition or any other valid reason, the Company will try to ensure a suitable alternative is found.

*           Single golfers on courses where buggies are included are liable to pay an additional charge for the single buggy hire locally.

*           Golf Clubs reserve the right to make up matches to 4 balls.

*           Where a Golf Club imposes handicap limits and handicap certificate conditions the Company will pass on the Client’s handicap details but it is the Client’s responsibility to comply locally with written proof of handicap.

*           Whilst the Company endeavours to meet requests for specific courses, days and times, these are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Accordingly requests are not binding on the Company.




The Company and the respective golf courses cannot be held responsible for pre-booked caddies. The Company can only request caddies, it cannot guarantee them. Caddy fees and discretional tips must be paid directly to the caddy upon completion of the Client’s round.


Golf Course Conditions


The Company cannot be held responsible for the actual playing conditions of the golf courses whether caused by course maintenance or climatic conditions. The Company request all maintenance schedules from the featured courses and will pass on relevant information to the Client as necessary. Please remember maintenance schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions. Golf course closure due to adverse weather is at the discretion of the golf course and the Company cannot be held responsible.


Golf Etiquette | Handicap Certificates


Knowledge of golf etiquette and the rules of golf are expected by all members of the Client’s group. Increasingly courses are introducing and policing handicap limits. In some circumstances certificates must be produced prior to play.  The Company strongly recommends that the Client carries a certificate in all circumstances.


Dress Code


The Company cannot accept any responsibility in any ruling by the hotel/golf course if any of the Client Party is unable to play due to inappropriate attire. Please check before travel that Client’s group is aware of appropriate golfing attire.


General Conditions of Travel


The Company accept no responsibility if the Client or any of the Client Party are refused entry into the country/countries of your destination. The Company are not liable for any expenses, costs liabilities or loss incurred in relation to such matters. The Client agrees to not hold The Company responsible for any such matters.


The Client is responsible for all visas, entry, health and other requirements and any documents required by laws, regulations, orders and/or requirements of countries visited. The Company are not responsible for passport and visa requirements or for any loss the Client sustains for failing to comply with laws, regulations, orders and/or requirements of countries visited.





If the Client has a complaint about the golf break booking please inform the Company as soon as reasonably practicable, or contact the relevant local supplier. Most matters can be resolved whilst on the golf break.  




The Company reserves the right to decline to accept or retain any person as a client if their conduct is disruptive and affecting the enjoyment of other holidaymakers. The Company shall be under no liability for any extra costs incurred by such a person as a result of doing so. Any passenger, who is denied boarding on the air travel portion of their holiday for that reason, shall be deemed to have given notice of cancellation of their golf break booking at the moment and cancellation charges will apply, and the Company will not be held responsible for any monies lost by the Client. 


Other Conditions


It is the responsibility of the Client to comply with the terms, conditions and requirements of any service provider, or any country or governmental authorities, or to bear any costs or losses incurred as a consequence of non-compliance. 


Limitation of Liability


(1) In relation to golf break bookings, The Company promise to make sure that the booking arrangements agreed as part of the Contract with the Client are made, performed or provided with reasonable skill and care. This means that, subject to these booking conditions, the Company will accept responsibility if you suffer death or personal injury or your contracted booking arrangements are not provided as promised or prove deficient as a result of the failure of the Company, employees, agents or suppliers to use reasonable skill and care in making, performing or providing, as applicable, the contracted booking arrangements and, in the case of your contracted booking arrangements not being provided as promised or proving to be deficient, that this has affected your enjoyment of your golf tour or golf break. Please note it is the Client’s responsibility to show that reasonable skill and care has not been used and that enjoyment of the break has been affected if a claim is to be made by the Client. In addition, the Company will only be responsible for what its employees, agents and suppliers do or do not do if they were at the time acting within the course of their employment (for employees) or carrying out work the Company had asked them to do (for agents and suppliers).


(2) In relation to Resort bookings, the Company has a duty to select the accommodation providers with reasonable skill and care, but has no liability to the Client for the actual provision of the accommodation, except in cases where it is proved that it has breached that duty and damage to the Client has been caused. Therefore, providing the Company has selected the provider with reasonable care and skill, it will have no liability to the Client for anything that happens at the accommodation or any acts or omissions of the provider or others.


(3) In relation to both Resort bookings and Tour bookings, the Company will not be liable for any injury, illness, death, loss (for example loss of enjoyment), damage, expense, cost or other sum or claim of any description whatsoever which results from any of the following:


- the act(s) and/or omission(s) of the person(s) affected or any member(s) of their party;

- the act(s) and/or omission(s) of a third party not connected with the provision of Client’s booking and which were unforeseeable or unavoidable;

- unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond Company’s control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if due care had been exercised; or

- an event of 'force majeure' (as defined on page 4)


(4) The Company do not accept responsibility or liability for any services that do not form part of its contract with the Client. This includes, for example, any additional services or facilities which the Client’s hotel or any other supplier agrees to provide for the Client where the services or facilities are not advertised on the Company’s website as being included in the price of the Client’s golf break and the Company has not agreed to arrange them.


(5) The Company’s liability, except in cases involving death, injury or illness, shall be limited to a maximum of the cost of the Client’s booking.


(6) The Company do not accept any liability for any damage, loss, cost, expense or other sum(s) of any description (a) which, on the basis of the information given to us by the Client concerning the booking prior to the Company confirming it, the Company could not have foreseen the Client would suffer or incur if the Contract between the Parties was breached or (b) which did not result from any breach of contract or other fault by ourselves or our employees or, where the Company are responsible for them, its suppliers. Additionally the Company does not accept liability for any business or consequential losses, including loss of profit.


Data Protection


In order to process the golf break booking and to ensure that the travel arrangements run smoothly and meet the Client’s requirements, the Company need to use the personal information provided by the Clients such as name, address, and any special needs/dietary requirements etc. The Company take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect the Client’s information and it will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. In order to complete the golf break booking the Company must pass the information on to the relevant suppliers such as hotels, transport companies and golf courses. The information may also be provided if required by law. This may involve sending the Client’s personal information between different countries, By providing us with personal information, you, the Client, consent to the Company’s use of that data as specified.

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